Could being under-insured destroy your butchery business?

 A butcher's shop can be a very dangerous environment, and it is hardly surprising that in a business in which large quantities of meat are routinely chopped or sawn into small portions, injuries to fingers and hands are far too common. Band saws in particular can be very dangerous devices and a survey of several hundred regular users revealed that almost 60% of them had had an accident, whether serious or trivial, at some stage in their careers. The majority were finger injuries including amputations but hand and even arm injuries were not uncommon. Statistics have shown that of all accidents that occurred in butchery shops involving employees in their first month of employment around 30% were the result of cuts by knives or saws, and more than 30% of the casualties were in people who were 25 years old or younger. To complicate matters further, raw meat often contains bacteria such as salmonella, listeria and E. coli as well as parasitic organisms, which can be easily introduced into a cut, raising the possibility of a dangerous infection. Choppers and bandsaws are not the only potential problem that a butcher has to contend with, however .....

A South Wales butchery business was destroyed (and the managing director actually served a prison term) when an outbreak of E. coli, which killed one young boy and severely damage the health of many others, was traced back to their shop;

In Greater Manchester a young part-time worker lost part of his arm when it became trapped in a mincing machine, resulting in massive fines and compensation for the shop owner to pay;

An award winning butchery shop in Lanarkshire was closed down after a fatal outbreak of E. coli in steak pies;

A Derbyshire firm was fined 10,000 after an employee accidentally stabbed himself whilst sharpening a knife.

Add the compensation culture to all these risks and it is easy to see why employers liability insurance (a legal obligation), public liability cover and product liability insurance are so important to protecting the future of every butchery business. Direct Line shop insurance includes all of these as standard.

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