A Butcher's Tale

(for once, this is NOT a true story!)

 Cat meets dog: why a butcher needs liability insurance

If you’ve ever watched an alley cat meet a playful dog, you’d understand why a butcher needs liability insurance. What’s that you say? You don’t understand what a cat meeting a dog has to do with a butcher’s liability insurance? Well, come closer then, and let me tell you the tale of Bob, the butcher.

Bob used to own the local butcher shop. He had worked very hard to establish the reputation for being the best butcher in the entire United Kingdom. He was known far and wide for his fine cuts of meat, friendliness, and great customer service. Then that fateful day came about.

Bob’s butchery shop

Bob had gone to work as usual, feeling quite cheerful. His best paying customer had called to place a very large order a few days before, and was coming in to pick up the order today. This customer usually tipped him very well whenever he personally serviced the order for her. She was a well-known celebrity and placed all her orders for meats through him when she was hosting special dinners and social gatherings.

Bob received other benefits from these orders besides the generous tips and good pay Lady Chattingworth gave him. Lady Chattingworth frequently referred him to many of her friends whenever they asked her advice as to who to use for their own parties. Numerous catering services have started using his butchery services due to this recognition from prominent citizens. Why, his business was going so well, he even hired an old widow to keep the place clean for him. Bob also took on an apprentice butcher so that he himself could spend more time serving the customers.

How the fateful day started

On that fateful day, Jim, the apprentice, had shown up to work early. Mrs. Mitchell, the cleaning lady also came in early since it was going to be such an important day. As Bob and Jim worked to finish slicing the meat to just the right thickness, Mrs. Mitchell went around cleaning counters and mopping the floors.

Finally, Lady Chattingworth arrived. Bob wiped his hands off, and hurried out to greet her. Mrs. Mitchell, who was an adoring fan of Lady Chattingworth, wanted to get a closer look at the celebrity. She stuck her mop in the bucket, and then went to peep through the door. Jim, knowing he had to hurry to finish up the last few cuts, kept working on Lady Chattingworth’s order.

The cat and dog meet

Everyone was so busy, they didn’t notice the alley cat that had slipped in the door as Lady Chattingworth entered. The alley cat quickly hid beneath a nearby chair. It was about that time that Bob’s young son rushed in holding a puppy. Bob’s son had wanted a dog for quite a long time, and someone had just given him the puppy. He had been told he could keep the puppy as long as his father agreed to it. So, in his excitement, the boy had forgotten about his father’s rules about not bringing animals into the shop.

Everyone was quickly reminded of that particular rule. Lady Chattingworth had sat down in the chair the alley cat was hiding under. When the puppy smelled the cat, he leaped out of the young boy’s arms and went to find the cat. The cat got scared, and leaped onto Lady Chattingworth, with all her claws extended. She leaped first to her lap, and then to the top of Lady Chattingworth’s head as the puppy came nearer.

Results of the meeting

Then the puppy leaped onto Lady Chattingworth’s lap, which knocked her and the chair over. Lady Chattingworth was hurt during the fall. In all the confusion of Lady Chattingworth’s screams and Bob’s yelling, Mrs. Mitchell opened the door wider. The alley cat ran through it, with the puppy following close behind. Mrs. Mitchell was knocked over and broke her arm. Bob, while chasing the animals, tripped over the mop bucket. He slipped and fell, breaking his back. The cat clawed her way up Jim’s leg, trying to get onto the high counter top. Jim jumped and accidentally sliced off a couple of his fingers with the sharp knife he had been holding.


Now do you understand how a cat meeting a dog relates to a butcher needing liability insurance? If Bob, the butcher, had adequate liability insurance covers, he would have been financially and protected. The insurance would have helped him to meet all his legal responsibilities. However, Bob didn't have adequate insurance covers or adequate financial savings. He had to sell his shop to meet his financial and legal obligations. So now instead of Bob being the UK’s best butcher, he is its worst rubbish collector, which may explain why you’ve never heard about Bob, the butcher before.

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